XO-CDP - Gather, explore...take action!

XO-CDP is a customer data platform that helps you combine different data sources (web forms, excel spreadsheet, csv files...) in order to explore them with the integrated exploration tool.

A CDP is a "marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems".

From there, create a selection of your contacts (segment)
and get your job done.

XO-MATIC, the integrated marketing automation tool, will help you setup your marketing campaigns quickly, via email and/or sms.

XO-FLOWS, the visual workflow manager, will help you create workflows from your data, to connect to thirds party tools for instance, in a snap.

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XO-CDP main UI

Full-fledge data management platform, installed in the cloud or on-premise, with default APIs for connectivity, structured data model for data standardisation, schedule tasks to act periodically, input conversion and mapping to connect easily to third party apps.

Exploration made easy

Take a data view, add filters, group if needed. Segmentation done!

Reporting in action

Because raw data is not handy for decision making, turn them in one click into charts!